Sylvia vs THE Black Cat

I just visited my best friend and neighbor who lives 50 metres away (Well, I never actually crawled the street with a measuring tape, so I guess you just have to take my word). After some boring chit-chat about work, she pointed her ceiling “You see that?” she asked me. I looked up and saw a slightly loosen ceiling tile, “Yep, what about it?”. Here’s what she told me:

I heard loud noises up there. I though it was mice. It was Wednesday afternoon when it happened. The ceiling tile just fell off completely, leaving dirt and dust everywhere in the room. And with the tile, there was a cat. Remember last year when I was in the bathroom, same thing happened? The ceiling tiles fell off and a cat literally fell on top of my head? IT WAS THE SAME CAT. The same black cat with round face, kinda your type (note from writer: errrrr..what???) rolled itself to the cat attack position staring at me with such hatred. I screamed and fled the scene, of course. Thank God there’s Susilo (note from writer: the aqua guy) who just happened to came to work to pick up something. He helped me cleaning and put the tile back.

And you know what? That’s not the end of it. Last night when I took my trash out, I found this cat. It stood in the way. When I touched it with my feet to scare her off, it didn’t flinch an inch. I was just scared that it got rabies and it may bite me, so I stepped back and went around the car to reach the  garbage disposal. It turned its head and watched me leave! That moment I know, it clearly has issues with me. (it’s hard not to take it personally after what happened, don’t you think? :p)

The maid told me that this cat is badung (note from writer: naughty). I think it has rabies, you know the kinda disease which make cats act up? “Hyper?” I asked. Yes, that’s the word. When I took my call outside, I once saw it playing on the roof of your ex boarding house next door.

It must be sick. It’s been trapped in a closed room twice. With me. Creepy, right? I hope she’s a real cat, not kucing jadi2an (note from writer: ghost cat).

Hilarious and disturbing at the same time. What are the odds a cat falls on you twice (with such a grand entrance)? It’s not even your cat 😀 I don’t remember the black cat she was referring to, which further adds to the mystery. But it surely makes a good inside humour! Well, not anymore since I put this up on my blog  :p

She will probably freak out if I show her below pictures 😀


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