Worth trying

Ya Allah (bisa diganti sesuai keyakinan), kabulkanlah doa hamba-Mu ini…

Pertemukanlah hamba dgn jodoh hamba: pria berkualitas, seiman, cerdas, berparas menarik, tajir, menyayangi sesama, menghormati yg tua.
Tahun ini ya Tuhan, sehingga hamba segera menikah dan punya anak tahun depan.


Notes: Courtesy of a friend whose name is concealed upon request 😉

My personal suggestion for my fellow singles:

1) Avoid going to malls on weekends. There are a lot of ‘landmines’: happy families, young couple, cute toddlers, baby strollers, hot daddies, etc etc

2) Don’t view your friend’s pre-wed/post-wed album on Facebook. I just did. Now I feel this urgent need to blog this shameful topic (and a cup of strong coffee to start with). Anyway, Arlene foto2nya bagus kok hehehehe…:-P

3) If you want kids so badly, go to a pet shop instead. Animals are cute too.

4) Follow your heart. Make yourself happy. Heck, you deserve it 🙂


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