Would you stop all that crap?

Look me in the eye, ah.. no… you don’t have the guts.

In the end it is me who stands tall, chins up and sleeps well at night.

(with my conscience intact)

Thank God 🙂


Worth trying

Ya Allah (bisa diganti sesuai keyakinan), kabulkanlah doa hamba-Mu ini…

Pertemukanlah hamba dgn jodoh hamba: pria berkualitas, seiman, cerdas, berparas menarik, tajir, menyayangi sesama, menghormati yg tua.
Tahun ini ya Tuhan, sehingga hamba segera menikah dan punya anak tahun depan.


Notes: Courtesy of a friend whose name is concealed upon request 😉

My personal suggestion for my fellow singles:

1) Avoid going to malls on weekends. There are a lot of ‘landmines’: happy families, young couple, cute toddlers, baby strollers, hot daddies, etc etc

2) Don’t view your friend’s pre-wed/post-wed album on Facebook. I just did. Now I feel this urgent need to blog this shameful topic (and a cup of strong coffee to start with). Anyway, Arlene foto2nya bagus kok hehehehe…:-P

3) If you want kids so badly, go to a pet shop instead. Animals are cute too.

4) Follow your heart. Make yourself happy. Heck, you deserve it 🙂