Quality vs Quantity

Anyone can enlighten me about what ‘quality time’ means?

No thanks! I put up listening to his shit everyday. I don't need to see it.

Frankly, I have no idea. Because I do lots of things (disturbing details will be elaborated *mind you for those with faint heart*) in desperate attempt to reserve the right to be happy despite endless chores and work-related stress but I don’t quite enjoy the moment.

Exhibit A:

Fenny was having a body scrub slash massage in a comfy quiet salon. What raced through her mind was how much time she got left before she ought to start making the mission report of the two meetings concluded two days before. She pictured the skeleton of the report and which part should go where in the structure. She thought of the best diction and terms which can be used for the report. In the middle of her ‘fanciful’ imagination, her masseuse said “Turn around”. Now she was laying half-naked, looking to the ceiling and asked herself: What the fuck happened with my quality time pampering in the salon?

Now, please correct me if I got this whole idea wrong. Quality time, is supposed to be the best moment you cherish and make use of, regardless of how little time you have. Well, I know precisely when I should have fun. I understand one should have a balanced life and a quote-unquote ‘real’ life to live on, hence the need for some personal time off work. But everytime I go out there (to live my life) I end up contemplating about my work, career, possibilities, challenges, scenarios, next to-do-list, and so on and so forth.

Exhibit B:

Cozy time with girlfriends turned into some intense time for each of us bitching about our boss (and may I share with you that my ex boss is matter-of-factly far from terrible? I am grateful for this revelation. Somebody else’s boss is much worse than mine. Hip hip hooray!).

At times I have quantity time as well. With plenty of time I have, I don’t have to think so much in advance how the best to spend it. Sometimes I sleep and sleep for 14 hours straight, only to wake up because I am hungry. Then I get something to eat, watch some gossip on TV or movie/tv series I download a night before. Then I text my neighbor: mau ke PIM ga 😀 (to which the answer is mostly yes). To sum up: I don’t arrange anything special with those quantity time. I end up feeling so bored, uninspired, useless, smelly (because I often don’t shower for two days -at times three if I ‘forget’ to shower on Friday) and guilt-ladden. What kind of a responsible adult I am for not having an impressive weekend?

But on the second thought, I now believe that quantity time is better than quality time, at least for my well-being and peace of mind.

Exhibit C:

Fenny was having a weekend-getaway in Bandung with two close friends. They went back to hotel late at night (don’t worry, they were totally sober) after a fun night out of shopping, dinner, supper, and a great laugh at those singing guys-with-extremely-passionate-‘cengkok melayu’-although-they-can’t-reach-the-high-notes of Armada’s Buka Hatimu. She went to bed with a smile. The next morning she got up with a puzzled mind. She had a very vivid dream of work-stuff she even remembered in details the task she was given with (in her dream). So much for quality time in Bandung, eh?

Now I don’t buy the concept of quality vs quantity time. Time is volatile. You just fool yourself if you think you own the time or control it. A good time is a good time. It doesn’t mater whether you have carefully planned it or you just happen to be a part of it. The harder you try to make the time yours, the harder it is for you to enjoy it. Enough with the wisdom, now can anyone tell me how to stop having dreams about work??? (and of course, I’d like to keep my job so don’t tell me to quit :p)