Everybody has his or her avalanche some times. I’m having it. And I will be having it until December when the ASEAN-India Working Group wraps up. Hopefully it will be held one day only on the 3rd, because otherwise I will have to celebrate my birthday with all those foreign people I call Excellencies :p

So that’s my new job. I’ve been very productive for the last 3 weeks. I get up early, arrive work by 9 (because I can’t make others have my finger no matter good a witch (or bitch) I am), work (less chatting and facebooking), drink more coffee, leave work at 7 or so, socialize when I need to, go home and check my e-mail and work accordingly, get some sleep, dream about work, get up and here we go again.

So this is my 3rd weekend and the first one I have money :)) And what is my idea of a perfect weekend? Making it productive. Sleep! I’ve been having too much sleep my head spins. I’ve watched the latest Desperate Housewives and Supernatural I downloaded. And now what? Reading some background paper on potential ASEAN-UNESCO cooperation, probably. That’s why I call it avalanche. I risk myself buried all the way. If you pity me, please don’t. Just get me a date. A good one, please.


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