open relationship

Hare geneee HTS-an? That’s what I thought when I heard that word. HTS (Hubungan Tanpa Status) or friends with benefit, open relationship or whatever you call it is not a relationship. At least in my dictionary. It’s not a relationship if one party keeps guessing, wondering where this is going. And it sucks if the other party thinks it’s normal if they sometimes share intimate moments such as holding hands, hugging, gazing at each other. Well, define ‘normal’. And define ‘intimate’. OMG, this is exhausting, right?

For you who are in a HTS and feels happy, I can only say, be honest with your feelings. And stop asking questions. Because when those questions start to pour, you’re done. You will ask him those questions and you’ll end up beat and depressed (more likely). Just enjoy the ride, avoid risky conversations about love, relationship and commitment. And don’t expect too much from him. If he can see you today, that’s good. If he can’t, that’s even better. It serves as a reminder that he’s not your boyfriend and you can’t expect anything from him.

Last but not least, don’t kiss! You can hug him, lean on his shoulder, sleep in his bed (or vice versa), touch him affectionately, call him ‘dear’, ‘sweetie’, ‘hunny’. But don’t kiss (and forget the first base, second base and so on). You don’t get to the first base. Remember, you don’t even share the field!


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