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These are some interesting feedback I got from my blog viewers. Thanks to everyone who actually takes  some time to visit my blog and kind enough to leave me some thoughts.

zurriuss on Before Sunrise and Before Sunset (part une):

After watching both movies I was thinking of the plot for an hour. It was so real. I even thought that there was no script at all. Of course there are some passages which you’ve mentioned that makes “drama” in both films. But in general both movies made me think about myself and about unexpected occasions or sircusmstances that we might face with. I think there could be lots of such sircumstances. All we need is just to be careful to find them ;)

My comment:

The plot is so natural and flows so gracefully ;)
Just by reading the taglines makes you think of your own opportunities! I agree with you, it’s very possible to find someone you can connect with and feel the magic in an instant. Turning it into a workable relationship is completely another matter!
But personally I keep believing that someday somewhere (not necessarily on a Eurotrain haha..) I will meet him. And I hope things would not be so complicated for both of jus. And that we may work things out. Fingers crossed please ;)

Sari on Rebel Without A Cause:

Hi Fenny, do you still remember me? We meet at Edlink-Bandung. I am one of your blogs fans, member of FFC (Fenny Fans Club) :) I used to do anything opposite my parents expectation. There is personal satisfaction in my heart if I could do that. I want to make them to have believe in me, that I could do the ‘right’ thing. That anything I do would not hurt them, and reduce my respect to them. So, there is a lot fights, ha5. I just said to them, ‘Please, could you trust me in ev’ry thing I do, then you would not be dissapointed, I will make you proud of me’.

My comment:

Halo Sari!

Hell yeah… I still remember you T_T… hahahahaha…

Fenny Fans Club sounds too grandeur =))
So sweet of u to say such nice things though.. *blushing*

You’re such a strong girl to be able to raise your case at such a young age. I believe it works for your character-building and contributing to the person you are now: a beautiful girl with principle ;)
Hope all of us will make our parents proud. Well if not now, later :P hehehehe…

Arie Wicaksana on Rebel Without A Cause:

Hoi…maybe i can’t read a english structure very good..but now i can give a comment with indonesian languange..merdeka…

Ya..terkadang kita memang sulit untuk mengerti apa yang mereka mau dari hidup kita.seakan-akan kita diatur ini itu.padahal kita udah cukup dewasa untuk mengambil suatu keputusan tentang hidup kita.

ak pernah dibilangin sama seseorang..dalam hidup ketika kita sudah merasa bisa mengambil keputusan berdasarkan pandangan kita. justru saat itulah menunjukan bahwa kita egois. tidak belajar untuk melihat segala sesuatu dari berbagai sisi.. terkadang orang tua mengingatkan kita untuk melakukan ini itu untuk membantu kita agar kita tetap berjalan pada jalan yang benar. tidak ada orang tua yang ingin anaknya berjalan dalam ketidak pastian. bagaimanapun mereka orang tua yang lebih banyak pengalaman dengan dunia yang tidak pernah bersahabat. sooo saran ku..ketika orang tua berkata tidak atas keputusan kita, pertama renungkanlah apa maksud dari semua itu..kemudian cari bukti ketika kamu merasa bahwa orang tuamu salah buktikan dengan cara yang hormat dan sopan. tapi ketika kamu sadar bahwa orangtuamu bersikap benar berterimakasihlah…

My comment:

Iya bener, sebagai anak memang harus menghormati orang tuanya. Tapi sebagai orangtua juga harus menyadari bahwa anak adalah individu yang berbeda dari dirinya. Anakmu bukanlah milikmu :)

Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They came through you but not from you and though they are with you yet they belong not to you.
(Kahlil Gibran)

Arie Wicaksana on My Answer:

bagus kata2nya…cuma sedikit komen saja…
Terkadang manusia tidak sadar kalo orang yang ditunggu itu sebenarnya sudah ada di depan dia dan terkadang dia terlalu disibukkan oleh urusan kerjaannya…
tapi memang lebih baik menunggu yang pasti dengan harapan hal itu tentu menjadi lebih baik.

My comment:

Dalam penantian hanya ada satu yang pasti… kepastian bahwa nurani tidak akan terkhianati, dan tak ada seorang pun yang pantas disakiti.

Di luar itu, biarkan semuanya menjadi misteri Illahi. Apakah itu kesempatan? Atau pilihan? :)

Thanks Arie… postnya bagus deh ;)

Kristin on Platonic Love:

I truly believe in Platonic love. I have a best guy friend whom I can sleep next to without anything happening sexually, or even the thought coming up. He is like a brother to me and we talk about relationships, men/women, love, family, friendship, sports and anything which comes to mind. We have been on vacation together twice and nothing has happened, nor will it. I love him and I always will. Will I wonder? Maybe. Has the thought crossed his mind? Possibly. But it’s love none-the-less. Love is unconditionally being there for someone through thick and thin, feeling for someone through ups and down, accepting faults and applauding triumphs, rolling with the punches and accepting change. It has nothing to do with kissing….that is just an added bonus that the one you love and want to spend your life with can share with you.

My comment:

‘He is like a brother to me’ seems to suggest that what you have is familial affection ;) But yes, I agree with your point that it’s love none-the-less, although in broader term. Personally, I can’t imagine spending my life with someone whom I share everything but my bed. But again, you’re one lucky gal Kristin to have such a special best friend :)

DED on Platonic Love:

fennyChandra, thank you so much… I have been struggling with the type of love I feel for this friend of mine. I am still struggling, but please tell me is it truly possible to develop a platonic love for someone that you were in love with? This is so very interesting…I have a friend and were each others first love (18 years ago). He is married for 15 years now and I have been married for 9 years now. I broke up with him because of his imaturity and trust issues all those years ago. Back then we both truly thought we were going to be together… around his wedding he came to me, but I was not there to see if we had a chance all those years ago. and then on several occastions over the years he tried to reach out to me, but I was still very hurt. After all these years neither one of us ever stopped thinking about the other one. I have finally made piece with the pain he caused me, and we have become the closest of friends. I want to maintain our friendship but there is alot of sexual tension, and neither of us want/will cross that line. We know that the ramifications are just to seviere. We are the best of friends, we discuss eveything and enjoy our conversations, we inspire each other. Please understand that I have a happy marriage; I truly love my wonderful husband an he loves his wife. Our friends who knew about us are very suspicious of our friendship. But we both agreed that we would prefer to have our friendship than distroy our families for the sexual part…So again, is it possible to develop a platonic love for someone you were in love with?

My comment:

It’s not platonic if you still feel any kind of sexual tension with him. Only the situation justifies the ‘platonic’ state. He might be your true love and sadly, he’s also the one that got away. Instead of wondering if he feels the same way, you both already know your feelings for each other. And you too choose not to cross the line of friendship. That’s one brave and altruistic decision. Because you both know that you will not be happy at the expense of your family. Maybe over time, you will overcome this romantic passion for each other and be content with platonic friendship. Maybe not. So I personally think you should stop before someone gets hurt (can be you, him or your spouse). Because nothing hurts you more than knowing that the person spending his/her life with you has been in love with someone else.

Wippie on Frustrating Image:

wakaakakkkaaa..ur so right! It does explains all. Gee..why are ur post now have a series of depressive-single-love sceptical kind of genre???..

U know, sumtimes when ur soooooo sceptical, it means that ur a classic romantic–cinderella waiting for his prince charming–type of person..:D:D:D:D

Even THE Carrie Bradshaw, the ideal single-success-loving life–stereotype eventually married her prince charming…:) (although she got back stabbed during the process) but halooo she’s married..wooohooo!!

u’ll get there Fen…and when the time is urs, u’ll eventually shine:)

My comment:

I’m just exaggerating :) )
It’s fun to write this stuff now as I’m single because when I finally meet the right guy, none of this talk would make sense!
And no, I’m not a romantic Cinderella. I buy my own shoes :P

Harshad Joshi on It’s Simple:

I dont think love is that simple…

My comment:

Love is simple when you see it as it is…
Take out the drama, hesitations, and expectations. You’ll get love :)

I just realized I write and write about love and know very little about it 😛 Maybe it’s not something you can comprehend, maybe it’s the extremes of madness and despair…or a little space in between 🙂

Stay in touch okay 😉 Keep the feedback juice flowing !



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