Jangan Ngeluh

Today I mostly felt like crap. It was a crappy day..no..actually it has been a crappy week. Not really… it started last week. Okay.. whatever. Work sucks, everybody got that. But my situation sucks big time… incompetent people, blame game, bureaucracy, you name it, it’s all there. My personal life is a mess too. So basically I’m swamped with nowhere to shelter.

Then on my way home, I took Trans Jakarta from Harmoni-Grogol-Lebak Bulus. In Grogol I waited for 30 mins before the bus came. In my waiting I met a guy who took his first ride of Trans Jakarta and head to Lebak Bulus, the final destination. I told him this was not his lucky day. That we would hit the traffic jam in Jalan Panjang and we would not get a seat, probably for the most trip. He smiled and said “Ga papa.. ga boleh ngeluh.” I asked why. He replied “Things will not be better. It is the way it is. Complaining doesn’t make any difference.”

I laughed and told him I wanted to see how long he would stand there without a single complain. So I waited. We took the same bus and he stood beside me with his heavy bag. We didn’t say anything and I checked on him from time to time. Everytime he looked tired I smiled and asked him how he was holding up. He always replied “Ga papa… ga boleh ngeluh”. Halfway I got a seat and he still stood in front of me with his heavy briefcase. I offered to hold his bag for him but he politely refused.

Then he said his name is David and asked mine. We had simple conversation on where we live, where we work, and stuff like that. When my stop was coming near, he asked if he could come with me to have a cup of coffee. I smiled and said no. He asked me why. I answered “It’s better this way. Things are good.” He told me his number (0819…) but I just laughed. When he asked me one final question, “Can I see you again?” I just smiled and said “No, I don’t think so…but thanks…” He looked puzzled. I replied… “For your advice :)”

It’s funny how the best lesson in life sometimes comes from a total stranger. God chose him as His messenger to a girl in distress 😀 So I treated him as one 🙂

For David, if you happen to find this blog: Nice to meet you today! Stay positive and ‘jangan ngeluh’ 😉


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thea
    May 03, 2009 @ 17:48:21

    oooh jadi namanya david yaaa.
    salam kenal david, saya temennya fenny (just in case u find this blog:d)


  2. fennychandra
    May 04, 2009 @ 14:22:03

    Hahahaha… That’s highly unlikely, I guess 😉


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