25 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

1. Show my love to the environment by not wasting water (baca: jarang mandi)
2. Can’t stand walking behind someone who walks slow.
3. Have more than 30 pairs of high heels and only one sport shoes.
4. Afraid of heights but hoping someday I have the courage to do bungee jumping.
5. Nerd? That’s who I am. Some things never change πŸ˜›
6. Never smoke my whole life (see point #5 :P)
7. Went to a club only once in my life. Kamasutra, Bali during EID’s 2007 outing. (see point #5)
8. Hit the pole when I walked while calling a boy’s name (Bintang, a neighborhood cat who’s just like any other guy I know: playing hard to get and unpredictable) πŸ˜›
9. Love black coffee. It helps my digestive system. Sorry for those with heartburn history πŸ˜€
10. Love dimsum and sushi. Instantly boost my mood.
11. Have no problem going to movies alone.
12. Have no problem going to movies with someone special (if any..hehehe)
13. Believe the one and only good music from Australia is Savage Garden. And they split already. And the leading vocal, Darren Hayes is gay. And…I still love him. *sob*
14. Looking for a cheap but good guitar… (ada yg mau jual ato ngasi? :D)
15. Don’t like group exercise (body combat, etc) because I like to take things slow and communicate with my own body.
16. Think Meggi Z was making a big mistake when he sang ‘Lebih baik sakit gigi daripada sakit hati’
17. Love surprises ^^ (and can pull off THE surprised expression even though I know it’s coming)
18. Believe someday I will love cooking πŸ˜€
19. Believe someday I will be a certified diver.
20. Totally believe that everything happens for a reason. There’s no random coincidence.
21. Uncomfortable being with a narcissistic person. Usually I will respond to her self-absorbed ‘confidence’ with my signature dry humour and sarcastic jokes. She,as predicted, doesn’t understand πŸ˜€
22. Will order blueberry cheese cake from Ully for Valentine’s day IF I receive my paycheck before Friday. *fingers crossed, Ly*
23. Suddenly remember a quote from ‘Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind’: Valentine’s Day is a holiday invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap.
24. Can’t wait for March to come πŸ˜‰
25. Believe that if a guy’s ring finger is shorter than his index finger, he’s probably gay (pssssttt..go check your guy!)


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