My Answer

Buat yang menunggu sebuah jawaban, here it is.

Lebih baik menunggu orang yang kamu inginkan daripada berjalan bersama orang yang tersedia.

Lebih baik menunggu orang yang tepat karena hidup ini terlalu singkat untuk dijalani dengan ‘just anybody’.

Terserah kalo mau dikatain idealis. Menurut gw lebih baik menunggu daripada memilih bersama seseorang karena alasan yang gag tepat. Daripada kacau entarnya, kasian kali… gw gag mau lagi bikin anak orang nangis.

Buat yang masih ingin melanjutkan diskursus ini, silakan baca “Should You Wait For Mr. Right?”


Wallentine’s day

Can you believe it? I lost my wallet yesterday, on Valentine’s day. From now on, I’d call Feb 14th, ‘Wallentine’s Day’. The day I lost my wallet.

Things I’ve learned:

1. Pickpockets don’t have holidays. Think about it if you plan to work as one: no health insurance, no annual leave, no day off (you’re obliged to work on weekends). In my case, it’s an irony that my wallet was stolen on the sacred day of love, the day people are supposed to show love and affection to one another.

2. Buy your own wallet. I’ve lost 3 wallets and they all were gifts from my friends. The ones I bought myself stay with me, eventhough I have another problem: I soon abhor them. Think they’re ugly (‘What was I thinking when I bought this?’). With gifts, everything seem perfect and nice. Call this a jinx.

3. Do have someone to rely on. I was lucky that my cells were not stolen too. I could immediately informed my friend that I just lost a wallet and I need to borrow some cash. If your friend is not reliable, you’re dead meat! :))

4. Call your banks to block your cards. You will speak to a helpful customer service officer, even though you have to answer some sily questions such as, what is your mother’s maiden name? She had not been a virgin for 30 years now, for heaven’s sake!

5. Go to the gym after someone snatched your valuables. It works for me. First, you can transfer those energy (a.k.a. anger) and bad vibes. After you do a hard-core cardio session, join a yoga class. It calms your troubled mind, enabling you to see things clearer and find a positive state of mind. For those with no gym membership (hehe..), just practice ujjayi breathing technique (diaphragmatic breath which increases oxygenation and builds internal body heat, resulting in balanced and calm feeling).

6. Eat a lot. Darn…I deserve it! I lost my wallet on Valentine’s day!

7. Don’t put the print-out of Java Jazz/Jason Mraz’ online ticket in your wallet. Now I must call Java Productions to explain that my wallet, along with my online ticket and ID card, was stolen. Anyone trying to redeem the ticket with my ID is not me. I’ll redeem it on March 3rd, showing the copy of my passport.

8. Although you call it backpack, don’t wear it accordingly! In Jakarta, especially in places with questionable crowds. Even in a ‘respected place’ such as Plaza Senayan my friend lost her cellphones. And she put it in..guess what…yep..her backpack.

9. Stay calm. Nine years ago, I lost my wallet for the first time. My reaction was: calling my parents from wartel (belon punya hape bos 😉 ) and crying my eyes out! Today I responded better: as soon as I realized my wallet was not there, I called my bank to block my cards. Next, I text my friend telling her my situation and let her know I need some cash. I asked another friend for bank locations that open on weekends (so I know where I can withdraw my money tomorrow). The last thing I did was call my mom to inform her I need a new ID card. And no tears. Gee, I’m a big girl. I’m so proud of myself 😉 huahahahahhahahha…

10. Count your blessings. I’m so thankful I still got my cells. My Nike shoes were not taken (those pair are the most expensive among my 30+ shoes collection. Now I know why I only own one pair of sneakers, they are so darn expensive!!!), my underwear was still there (it’s cute, floral print with little hearts 😀 it’s not my point. Undies are very personal. The snatcher’s got my photos and my date of birth. If he took my undies as well, I would officially FREAK OUT), my make-up case stayed gracefully intact (got a lot of things there. It will be frustrating and cost me a fortune to replace them), and last but not least, for the fact that I’m still in one piece. Hahahaha…Javanese mentality, always feel grateful and fortunate in every situation, even in the ‘unfortunate’ one 😀

25 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

1. Show my love to the environment by not wasting water (baca: jarang mandi)
2. Can’t stand walking behind someone who walks slow.
3. Have more than 30 pairs of high heels and only one sport shoes.
4. Afraid of heights but hoping someday I have the courage to do bungee jumping.
5. Nerd? That’s who I am. Some things never change 😛
6. Never smoke my whole life (see point #5 :P)
7. Went to a club only once in my life. Kamasutra, Bali during EID’s 2007 outing. (see point #5)
8. Hit the pole when I walked while calling a boy’s name (Bintang, a neighborhood cat who’s just like any other guy I know: playing hard to get and unpredictable) 😛
9. Love black coffee. It helps my digestive system. Sorry for those with heartburn history 😀
10. Love dimsum and sushi. Instantly boost my mood.
11. Have no problem going to movies alone.
12. Have no problem going to movies with someone special (if any..hehehe)
13. Believe the one and only good music from Australia is Savage Garden. And they split already. And the leading vocal, Darren Hayes is gay. And…I still love him. *sob*
14. Looking for a cheap but good guitar… (ada yg mau jual ato ngasi? :D)
15. Don’t like group exercise (body combat, etc) because I like to take things slow and communicate with my own body.
16. Think Meggi Z was making a big mistake when he sang ‘Lebih baik sakit gigi daripada sakit hati’
17. Love surprises ^^ (and can pull off THE surprised expression even though I know it’s coming)
18. Believe someday I will love cooking 😀
19. Believe someday I will be a certified diver.
20. Totally believe that everything happens for a reason. There’s no random coincidence.
21. Uncomfortable being with a narcissistic person. Usually I will respond to her self-absorbed ‘confidence’ with my signature dry humour and sarcastic jokes. She,as predicted, doesn’t understand 😀
22. Will order blueberry cheese cake from Ully for Valentine’s day IF I receive my paycheck before Friday. *fingers crossed, Ly*
23. Suddenly remember a quote from ‘Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind’: Valentine’s Day is a holiday invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap.
24. Can’t wait for March to come 😉
25. Believe that if a guy’s ring finger is shorter than his index finger, he’s probably gay (pssssttt..go check your guy!)

A Man Who Was Superman

What I love most about weekends is the luxury to do anything I want, from sleeping to reading books or watching several movies in one sitting. And not having to take a bath from morning to night 😉 This weekend is no exception. I slept for more than 12 hours a night. I didn’t take a bath for two days. I watched my heartthrob, Danny Messer from CSI New York. And some Korean movies. One of them was ‘A Man Who Was Superman’. I watched it because: 1) Gianna Jun (Jeon Ji-hyun) played in that movie and 2) my friend, Fendy recommended it. The good thing about recommended book/movie/restaurants/music is that you always know whom to strangle if you’re not amused 😀 For half of the duration, I almost fell asleep (and yes, I was thinking of the best tool to strangle him, what kind of rope for example :p ). My friend Sylvia who was there with me, even decided to go back to her place because (in her words) ‘the movie was so boring it inspired me to sleep.’


I personally loathe the Hawaiian shirt 😛

But I endured. He said the ending is good. I knew the Superman was gonna die. Come on..the title is ‘The Man Who Was Superman’. ‘Was’, not ‘is’ (same case with Celine Dion’s song ‘Because You Loved Me’. The man in the song died.) I just needed to know how.

The story goes like this. Soo-jung (Jeon Ji-hyun) is a cynical and worn out producer of television documentaries. One day, after months of not being paid, she leaves with her company’s camera to shoot lions in Africa. But before she gets the chance a thief tries to steal her camera, only for her to be rescued by a man in a Hawaiian shirt who claims to be Superman (Hwang Jung-min). The man(whose real name is later revealed as Lee Hyun-Suk), who spends his days trying to help others, believes that a piece of kryptonite lodged in his brain has robbed him of his powers. Soo-jung decides to make him the subject of her new documentary. After an X-Ray, it becomes clear that there really is something stuck in his head: a bullet. Over the course of the movie, Superman’s story is revealed. Two past tragedies that befell Hyun-Suk has led him into the current state of mind he is in. When he was a boy, he saw Superman with his father, who told him that if he counted to one-hundred, he would become Superman. His father later died in a gunfight, and the boy was hit in the back of the head with the bullet, miraculously, he lived (with epilepsy for the rest of his life). Years later, he and his wife and daughter were caught in a car accident. His wife died instantly, but his daughter was still alive. The man told his daughter to count to one hundred, and he’d turn into Superman to save her. Unfortunately, just as he was running to the car with a fire extinguisher, the bullet caused a seizure, and as he lied on the ground in pain, the car exploded. Nobody in the crowd tried to help. This was when he became Superman.

The moral of the story is simple. You don’t have to be a Superman with great powers to help others or change the future. “Strength doesn’t open big iron doors but a small key does”. Superman helps the frosty, calculating Soo-jung to see what is truly important in life. Leading to the movie credits, Soo-jung did what the man did in the beginning of the movie: helping out an old lady.

The way I see it, the story is basically tragic and all the efforts to sugarcoat it with humourous scenes failed to make me laugh. I did cry in the end, though. Because it is just unfair. Life is a cruel joke, I know. But this is just too cruel for him. He lost his dad, he had a bullet in his head that caused him excruciating seizures every now and then. He lost his wife and daughter in a tragic accident with nobody trying to help. And he died. For some, it is the perfect ending. He’s had enough with this awful injustice in his life, just let God put him out of his misery. I don’t know, but I personally love happy endings. The good man’s gotta stay alive and triumph. There’s gotta be more to life. Altruism is a good virtue, but being grateful to God for life He has given us is a basic prerequisite of a good human being. He died of saving other life OR he decided to die trying because he was too scared of living this miserable life (without his loved ones). Is he a hero or a coward? You decide.

PS: Bos, I’m still thinking how the best to strangle you 😀

Pagi yang aneh…

Tadi pagi seperti biasa gw naik busway dari Blok M ke Harmoni. Tapi ternyata hari ini adalah apa pun selain biasa. Dari ngantri masuk busway, di depan gw ada bapak pake kemeja garis2 kuning yang ga tau kenapa terus bilang ‘haduh duh duh’ padahal ga disenggol. Dia bilang gitu 3 kali, sampe udah masuk busway dan mendaratkan pantat juga masih ‘haduh duh duh’. Mungkin ada jarum kali ya..ato dia udhunen1 di situ? Hehehehe…

Nah terus kan gw duduk, langsung ngeluarin novel ‘Honeymoon With My Brother’. Sebelah kiri gw nenek2, pake baju kondangan gitu deh,warna putih yg udah pudar dan banyak noda. Yang gw makin heran dia cuma pake sandal jepit dan ga bawa tas. Tangannya cuma menggenggam duit, tp gw ga liat duitnya berapa. Mungkin dia takut gw copet jd pegangnya kuenceng banget. Hmmm..something to think about…

Yak lanjut yah..sebelah kanan gw seorang om2 yang gw tebak bakal turun di Glodok 😀 *yang mana kemungkinan besar benar krn sampe Harmoni dia ga turun*

Belon lama buswaynya jalan, nenek di sebelah kiri gw udah tidur. Hebat banget dah pelornya (nempel langsung molor). Belon sampe halte Masjid Agung, nenek udah sukses jatuh ke pelukan gw (sounds very disturbing ya?) hehehe… maksud gw dia bener2 nempelin kepalanya di lengan gw. Gw diem aja (reaksi gw kalo kaget adalah diem, jd gw yakin bgt kalo si nenek ini Medusa dengan ular2 di kepalanya gw udah sukses mati ‘tergigit cinta’2).

Belum cukup gw terkaget-kaget, om di sebelah kanan gw tiba2 komat-kamit ga jelas, mirip orang dengan Tourette syndrome. Bahasanya ga jelas juga, mungkin dialek Hokkian ato Tiociu. Bisa juga dia niat ngebantuin gw dengan merapal mantra supaya gw ga digigit ular2 di kepala si nenek (oke, gw officially mengalami kesulitan membedakan fakta dan fiksi). Ga tau deh, situasinya bener2 aneh. Gw tetep…berusaha konsen dengan novel gw yang masuk bab Franz Wisner dan brothernya berkeliling di Amerika Selatan.

Mbak2 di depan gw mulai cengar-cengir ngeliat adegan nenek berambut kelabu lepek dengan ular-ular malas di kepalanya bersandar ke bahu seorang gadis cantik. Well, gw yakin mereka pada sirik aja sama gw. Di satu kesempatan, kepala si nenek bahkan jatuh ke pangkuan gw, completely menutup buku gw. Again, harusnya gw njerit ‘KYAAAAA…’ because that was very very frightening. Tapi gw sekali lagi cuma diam kaya orang bego. Muka gw aja yang berekspresi aneh sampe mbak di depan gw ketawa terbahak2. Bener2 rasa dia emang sirik sm gw. Next, si nenek terbangun…dan membetulkan posisi kepalanya. Di bahu gw. Okay…ini emang bener2 ANEH. How can someone feel very comfortable in a shoulder of a stranger?3

Gw yang masih berusaha cool tetap meneruskan membaca. Tiba2 hape si om sebelah kanan gw berbunyi. Nada deringnya ST12, ‘Saat Terakhir’ yang ‘Satu jam saja kutelah bisa cintai kamu;kamu;kamu (ingat anak2, kamunya tiga kali!!!) di hatiku, Namun bagiku melupakanmu butuh waktuku seumur hidup’. Gw memandang si om dengan pandangan tak percaya. Bagaimana mungkin seorang om terhormat berumur 40 tahunan menyukai Charly Van Houten dari ST12??? Kenapa bukan Andy Lau, atau Jackie Cheung, atau Jay Chou? (hmm…pilihan terakhir juga menimbulkan kecurigaan berlebihan). Gw inget minggu lalu waktu karaoke bareng anak2 di Nav, Malang temen gw Dimon nyanyi lagu ST12 yang ini, yang (tentu saja) direspon secara kejam oleh kami dengan ‘bwahahahahahhahahhahhah’ disertai kontes pantomim menirukan gerakan Charly yang senang menyentuh bagian2 tertentu dari tubuhnya 😀

Gw langsung ingat ekspresi Dimon yang ‘terluka’ dan ‘sedih karena harga dirinya terkoyak’ saat kami menertawakan lagu kesayangannya. Gw yakin banget dia dalam hati nyumpahin gw yang duduk persis di sebelah dia dengan suara tawa yang paling barbar dan bahasa tubuh paling mirip Charly (what can I say? I’m a natural actor).

Rupanya ini pembalasan krn sumpah Dimon. Gw pagi ini duduk di sebelah om2 yang hapenya bolak-balik menyanyikan ‘Saat Terakhir’. Gw sungguh bersumpah semoga itu adalah ‘saat terakhir’ gw mendengarkan lagu itu!!!

Jadi situasi tadi bener2 ajaib. Sebelah kiri gw ‘nenek berambut Medusa’ yang menempelkan kepalanya dengan sangat nyaman ke pundak gw. Sebelah kanan gw ‘om meracau’ dengan selera musik ST12. Si om sempat berhenti meracau dengan logat asingnya itu. Tepatnya waktu dia ngetawain gw pas si nenek medusa berusaha membuat gw menelan ular2nya itu. Abis ketawa, dia meracau lagi.

Sampe di Harmoni, gw ragu waktu mau bangun, takut ngebangunin si nenek. Tapi dia entah gimana, tiba-tiba menegakkan posisi duduknya dan menarik kepalanya dari bahu gw. Gw sempet pengen ngasi jaket gw ke dia, takut dia kedinginan ato apa. Tapi gw takut dia marah krn dikira orang miskin. Jadi gw turun. Gw berharap nenek itu selamat sampe tujuan. Dan semoga orang di sebelah kanannya akan berbuat seperti gw (minus ekspresi ajaib dan cengo): mengijinkan dia bersandar sejenak. Because deep down, I hope if someday I am too tired and need a break, there’s someone at my side that lets me rest in his shoulder. Just for a while.

1 bisul di pantat 😀

2 lagu aneh yang stuck di kepalamu. Yang nyanyi Hello, judulnya Ular Berbisa. Liriknya gini nih:

Seperti ular seperti ular
Yang sangat berbisa sangat berbisa
Suka memangsa suka memangsa
Diriku tergigit cinta

3 Judul paper gw kalo gw sekolah di Hogwarts, School of Weirds and Weirdos.

Some Things I Wish I Knew Then

I wish I knew I would not fail my grades if I spent an extra hour with my friends at school/college just to get to know them better.

I wish I knew that friendship is worth more than a valedictorian speech or recognition that I am the best student at school.

I wish I knew that a few extra pounds gained during a holiday or dinner date with my friends were nothing compared to the joy and comfort of friendship they gave me.

I wish I knew that a true friend is the one that accepts me just the way I am and makes me feel good about myself, instead of using me to make him/her feel good about themselves.

I wish I knew that a smile is the best cosmetics of happiness.

I wish I knew that my infectious laughter is my signature (which remembered fondly by my friends), and not my weakness to conceal.

I wish I knew that simple things in life are indeed big things. And those things are worth fighting for.

I wish I knew that if I really really want him for me, it’s not love. It’s a selfish obsession.

I wish I knew that loving someone means so much for me regardless of whether or not my love reciprocates.

I wish I knew that being true to myself is much better than saving my pride. And showing that I care is not something to be ashamed of (kata Gege, cewe gengsian itu ngerugi 😀 )

I wish I knew that sometimes I can be too quick to judge and my hasty judgment can hurt someone that I love.