PDA. Public Display of Affection.

I just came home from PIM, watching ‘Bedtime Stories’ (of course alone. Read my rationale here. I don’t want to explain myself all over again.) On an elevator down, I saw them. A Korean young couple, probably in their teens hugging. How did I know they were Korean? Well, I just knew. They were really hugging, like sticking-their-bodies-together hugging. A passionate, possessive hug. Then he kissed her in the neck.  I said to myself, “This must be my lucky day. It’s just greaaaaatttttt.” *rolling eyes*

Then…when I thought my day couldn’t have had any better ending, I saw another unforgettable scene. I saw a young mum and her baby. She held the baby in her arms and they danced. She waltz her baby in front of Kafe Victoria. Both mum and daughter were smiling and laughing. I smiled too 🙂 It was so sweet I almost cried.

I walked home thinking how desperate the Universe trying to tell me “Being single’s never been easy” (terjemahan bebas: Jomblo ya? Kasian deh lo!!!!)


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