Priscilla Ahn

She’s a gem! I can’t believe that I just heard about her today. Okay..that’s kinda embarassing. LOL 😀

Priscilla Ahn (born Priscilla Natalie Hartranft, 1984) is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.  She adopted her mother’s maiden name, who is South Korean.

This is how she looks, cute huh?

This is how she looks, cute huh?

Found one video on a friend’s Facebook. Actually it is a blooper of her singing ‘Boob Song’ (yeah…I’m not making this up..the song title is errr… Boob Song). I couldn’t stop laughing…hahahaha…very funny. That song was based on her true story. One night she stayed at her boyfriend’s place who was out of town. She was kinda perusing his bookshelf when she randomly picked one big book on poetry. In its cover, there was a note. Apparently the book was a gift from someone. The notes says:

Dear Mike, I know that you are a really sensitive guy so you will like this poems.  I hope they will remind you of my boobs. xoxoxoxoxo, signed (some girl’s name)

I don’t know that boobs and poetry have things in common 😀 Anyway, Priscilla got very upset and to vent her anger,  she wrote errr… Boob Song. The song didn’t make it on her album. She ditched it, along with ‘The Rhapsody of Ass’ and ‘The Navel’s Diary’ 😀 I’m just kidding 😛 Did you actually buy it? Hahahaha..kena lu!

What makes the video funnier, she made a mistake when she sang the first few lyrics. It goes like this:

Came back from a late night with my friends. You were out of town. So I took off my clothes.

She instantly stopped and said “Oh wait..that’s not the line. I took off my clothes.. I don’t know why I… (giggling nervously). I’ll start all over. I’m sorry.. I did not want to put that out there… hahahahahaha…”

It was on a radio interview. The interviewer admitted that Priscilla had a giggle that made her want to laugh. And she wouldn’t have been able to stop laughing had that been her interviewing her!

Anyway, apart from her sense of humor and charming personality that instantly draws me to her, she has a beautiful voice and composes great songs. You can check her out on Youtube. I’ll definitely go to the music store tonight to buy her CD (hope it’s available here in Indonesia). Or else, I would have to (terpaksa..halah) download it ilegally 😛

Atau ada orang yang mau berbaik hati beliin CDnya buat saya? (this goes out for my friends who live overseas and plan to visit Jakarta soon 😉 )


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