Money, money, money

How do you see money? Is it of utmost importance? Is it important but you have other things you value more? Or is it just another means to get something you need?

I’ve never given much thought about money. I was kinda late in realizing that I need money to get by. I was given daily allowance since I was in elementary school and I seldom used it. It stayed in my pocket until I went home and I just did what my mother said “Put your money in the piggybank.” Little did I know that those innocent days were the happiest in my life. I was raised in a modest family. Not rich, not poor. Just the average. I never remembered starving or had to skimp for anything. But I do remember that I never had a Barbie doll because my parents could not afford it. It’s true. I knew exactly the financial situation of my parents. So I never told them that I wanted that Barbie Doll and her house.

Now that I work and manage my own money, at times I simply forget that it is very volatile. I didn’t score good in savings. I like to enjoy my money to make life a little bit easier. I really don’t know what should I do with my savings? Buy a house? Hmmm…still takes years for that. Buy a car? I can’t drive. My married friends all say that I should enjoy my single life. Once you’re married, they say, you can’t think of buying that pair of shoes or joining that gym. So now, enjoy your money while you can.  I have one savings that is automatically moved to another. The later account (TRM: Tabungan Rencana Mandiri) cannot be withdrawn before it’s due. Mine is one year. My mistake is putting too much money in it (40% of my monthly paycheck). So I basically skimp to live as I have to spend 35% for fixed expenses like monthly rent, internet, gym, and insurance. Now I’m screwed as I haven’t got my November salary. There’s some administration issue that left three of us in this miserable, penniless state. Well, my boss actually hasn’t got his too but he’s loaded anyway. So he doesn’t count 😛

At this time, I just realize how fast it is to push someone into poverty. Two weeks delay in someone’s paycheck is enough to cause widespread panic. I, for instance, can’t have good sleep for nights and sometimes migraine. My father had to lend me 2,500,000 Rups so that I can pay my rent, my internet, and simply for me to live.

Lucky kitten

Lucky kitten

Money has something to do with dignity, I just figured. Last week a friend from Bandung came to Jakarta and he asked if we could meet. Luckily he said ‘It’s on me’ when he suggested we have dinner. I am usually more comfortbale with ‘let’s go dutch’ kind of dinner. But just for that night, I said ‘Ok’ without second-thought. In return of him paying our dinner, I listened to his problems with a girl he liked. I offered him my advice. Okay, that made me feel better. So I didn’t get my dinner for free you know? I gave him enlightenment 😉

As of now, I still have migraine which seems to stay until I come out of this poverty. My father’s advice is: pray. Okay…that actually irritated me. I need a practical solution for this wordly problem. If I don’t get my paycheck till tomorrow I will cancel my TRM account to get my money. Of course I will have to pay some fees because of the agreement breach. But I have no other choice. I can’t let myself borrowing money from my parents and friends. That would make me feel worse. Just as I write this, another friend asked me out for a cup of coffee he promised. This guy is actually a no-no for me. But an hour of sitting at that comfy Starbucks couch with a cup of deliriously fancy coffee at this time when I have to skimp everything is a heavenly treat I cannot resist. And I’m pretty sure I won’t even feel all the attractions I once felt for him. I will definetely concentrate on sipping 30,000 Rups++ Espresso Con Panna. When you’re penniless, you don’t wear your heart on your sleeves.


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