Public Apology

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all parties that may feel offended or get hurt by my writings. Though I have never written down any names (except my best friends a.k.a  loyal readers of my blog),  some content of my blog are based on my experience with certain people. I have not consulted anyone prior to writing, thus what I write purely reflects my point of view and not others’. Please also keep in mind that, while I may have a strong opinion about a particular issue at that time (when I write something), I may think differently now, or even a week after I write it. Hence the sub-title of my blog: snapshots of journey to peace of mind. For example, I might have written that I was into the idea of singlehood. The other time you check my blog, you may find that I am in love (it’s just an example, I’m not in that stage yet. Wanna lend a hand? 😀 ) and laugh at those moments when I felt like I’m cursed to be single forever (again, exaggeration).

What I’m trying to say is, please please don’t take this blog too seriously. It is never my intention to speak ill of the object of my writings or worse, to make readers think negative about  him/her. It’s just me, a sarcastic, dim-witted putz.  If you feel I have resentment or wrong judgment towards you, I sincerely and wholeheartedly apologize. This sorry note may be too little, too late. I can’t do anything about it. I really want to apologize personally but me asking if you indeed have read my blog is just inappropriate and probably will make things worse. After all, you know who you are. I’m sorry. Dui bu qi. Gomenasai. Je suis regrete.

I am sorry

PS: Just let me know if you want some post to be removed. Thanks.


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