URGENT: Meet him, meet him not?

The guy I told you earlier in this post is in Jakarta. And tomorrow I’m meeting him… Okay, long story. To make it short, I promised him a cup of coffee two years ago  (of course I never meant it). And opposite to what I want – which is I’m meeting him next week in Manila- apparently he adds some twist. He returns to Jakarta! The most important question here is: Should I meet him tomorrow?

Meet him, meet him not

Meet him, meet him not

Some part of me says ‘go ahead’. This is out of curiosity. But it’s the curiosity that kills the cat, isn’t it? The other pros to my going: some reality check. If I know that he’s indeed a jackass, commitment-phobic, insecure, boring guy, it will be such a relief. The cons? Well, there’s a lot actually. He drove me nuts before and I’m scared he’ll do it again. In other words, he’s still capable of doing it, TO ME. Okay…I’m losing it. Please help me! Do you think I should meet him? Or not? I will be forever in your debt 😀

Background story: https://fennychandra.wordpress.com/2008/08/04/karena-kutahu-engkau-begitu/


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