As I searched my mailbox for a decent farewell email, I found not one, but many. Some were from people I know. Many others were just names on the Outlook Address Book who were courageous enough to send their farewell emails to all employees of Ericsson Indonesia 😀

Well, I don’t blame them. They were just being in sentimental mood and probably sending their emails with tears clouding their eyes (and minds 😛 ).

I found some interesting emails and I ended up use some of their words (ehm…they were not copy righted so I shouldn’t be worried for any legal suits).


Here are some of them. I obscured all the names to ensure privacy of parties involved.


The romantic type:


Each story has an end.

For the last  10 years, you have taken part of my story.

So today I’m here to say, The  27th of  July is the last day,

that I must allow myself to part and go for the next step following another story.

It is certainly with mixed feelings, with a heavy heart, and it has been a difficult decision, 

but I eventually  time to move on….


Thanking you all for the generous support,  sincere co-operation , and friendship.

It has been one of the most inspiring, challenging and learning periods during my career

and it’s not comparable with anything.


My apology for all the mistakes and wrong doing I have done all this time.

There’s no way I can adequately express my gratitude

to people who have helped me during my career.

I will keep you all in my mind with good memories.

I am sincerely proud of having been part of Ericsson’s team .


Time to move on …..

But it’s not a good-bye. It is a start of a long friendship.

You can always contact me,

either on my mobile 0811-xxxxx

or e-mail:   xxx @yahoo.com


To each of you,

my very best regards and best wishes

for happiness and continued success .



The thankful type


Dear Colleagues,


As you may have already heard, the day has finally come for me to bid you farewell. 


It’s been a difficult decision but I’ve been awarded a position I just can’t refuse and believe it’s the right move for my career and family. I have been sailing with EID ship for 9 years 10 months, and then I decided to jump to another ship within Ericsson fleet.


I am very proud working with strong EID team, it have been enrich of my technical knowledge’s.


It’s been pleasure working with you all and I would like to say Thanks to xxx who refers me to Ericsson, yyy who calls me for the first time for an interviewed, zzz, aaa, bbb, ccc and another …team you are really Well-built, Solid and Great Boss. And thanks also to ddd, eee, fff, and ggg another colleagues which is I can’t mentioned in here.


The truths are always from “Him”, if there is mistakes please forgive me.


Tomorrow will be my first day outside of EID, I am definitely going to miss working here and the friends I have made here. It has been a great place to work.


I wish you all Well with what ever the future brings especially EID as the Leader in Telecommunication in Indonesia.



The formal type


Dear Colleagues & Friends,


In this opportunity I would say thank you very much for all the opportunities, trust, supports, challenges, team work and frienship that given to me. Since working here in December 2000, I have got a lot of experiences and knowledge of both technical and soft skills from all of you. Special thanks to my friends in … Division, and all my friends and colleagues that I can not mention one by one.


I am really honored to be part of Ericsson family – the winning team of telecommunication industry in the world, which has very good values and working environment. Ericsson is like a second home to me, the place for learning, sharing and contributing to each other.


Unfortunately, I think it is the time for me to move forward and continue my next journey of life. Today is my last day working here, as I am moving to another opportunity outside Ericsson. I apologize for all mistakes that could be happened on my services here, and I hope I could keep good relationship with you.


My best wishes and prayers to all of you.


The philosophical type


Dear colleagues and friends,


Like so many other landmarks in our lives, we say goodbye to one full chapter, and jump blindly into the next.

We are each uniquely prepared for a journey, but it is how we chose to deal with this journey that determines our happiness. And now it’s my choice …


Personally, the most difficult part is saying goodbye to all of you, I never intended to make.

Today is my last day in Ericsson Indonesia, after 11+ months of Service, as I am moving to Austria and continue my life with my family here.


I could start off by thanking you all, individually and collectively, for a remarkable experience. I cannot tell you how sad I am that I can’t stay here to work, study and grow with all of you much longer. I thank my closest partners and closest friends in … Team, P aaa, bbb, my … team member, ccc, ddd, eee, fff, ggg, hhh, iii, and for all the people that I can’t mention one by one.


So, thank you all. My best wishes and prayers to each and every one of you. It’s been a fabulous life and it wouldn’t have been the same without you.







(the thoughtful part)

“ to take a good look at that road map we’ve created,

take our first step into uncharted territory,

and keep in mind that no matter how hard we try to stay on the path, that the trip will and

should evolve and develop its own personality … “





They are great, aren’t they? After long hours of contemplation (hehe) I finished writing draft of my farewell email. It has blend of moods: romantic (not so much), thankful, formal, and philosophical (thanks to Wislawa Szymborska).

My draft:


Dear colleagues and friends,


As most of you are aware, today is my last day working here.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support and most of all, simply for the chance to know each and every one of you. Since working here in January 2006, I’ve experienced remarkable growth, both personally and professionally. It is not everyone who has a wonderful working environment which is consistently cooperative and motivating, and I feel that I’ve been blessed. Not only have I enjoyed working with you, I have also made great (hopefully lifelong) friendships along the way.


Beside thank yous, I also owe you apologies. Please forgive me for any mistakes I’ve done and any unpleasant memories I might have caused during the time I know you.


I wish you happiness and continued success, all the way through!




Warm Regards,






Mob.: 0813xxxx




“Every beginning

is only a sequel, after all,

and the book of events

is always open halfway through”

                       Wislawa Szymborska



I am going to send this email on Friday next week. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions to make my farewell email as best as it gets (I’m kinda obsessive about this stuff 😀 ). By the way, you’re free to use these farewells as your reference when you want to make a decent leaving 🙂 I am sure my ‘friends’ wouldn’t mind 😉


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. suprie
    Apr 29, 2008 @ 15:29:37

    well good luck to you!! wish you all the best… 😀

    gak kerasa juga gw udah sebulan gak kesana :)) …
    i missed them … but life has to go on.

    nothing to worry since we are friends for life…


  2. aliahmad.net
    May 23, 2008 @ 11:57:00

    Eh emang pindah ya ? maksudnye pindah dr EID ? hehehe…. long time no see you yah…. jd nya ta tau perkembangan terakhir.. hehehe…..
    Good Luck anyway………


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