Mid 20’s Crisis


Two years ago I wrote about Early 20’s Crisis. Time flies so fast and here I am, twenty-five and single. Not yet rich, not yet successful, not yet emotionally matured. My goal of pursuing masters is still around the corner (the euphemism for not yet attained). My dream of being Mrs. XXX hasn’t been materialized. Why? Because there is not Mr. XXX or YYY or AAA in my life right now. Nada. Zip. None.


Am I facing another set of crisis? Yes, I think so.


I do achieve some of my goals I wrote 5 years ago. Let’s see:

Overseas holiday with my own money:

Watch a concert of international singer/band:

Have own savings:


And those not yet achieved are:

Ideal weight (no comment) >_<

Bungee jumping (I think I can do it this year, just don’t know whom I would ask for company)


I did okay huh? Three out of five.


I read somewhere that if we write down our objectives, we have increased our chance of materializing it by 50%. I don’t know if it is true but it works on me J


Overall my stats are so-so.

  1. Career

Still working at the same company, transferred to different department (better one) 😛

I haven’t gained permanent status. It’s okay though. I don’t plan to stick around for long, anyway. Hope this year I finally make it to masters. I have no choice actually. As for now, I am single with no prospect of marriage. That’s why I rely on my career. I have to make the best of it or else I will have nothing. If I don’t get back to school, I will find it hard to compete. Surely I won’t make the same mistake by accepting an opportunity that offers temporary solution.


  1. Money

I did too much shopping and as a result, my savings is not as much as it should be. *Sigh*

I have prepared the money for application-related needs. Hope I still have enough to buy a laptop. Or I have to ask for my father’s support 😀 Oh no…it’s my dignity at stake. I have already refused his generous offer of holiday allowance. I have to stand on my two feet (of course, who would want to carry a big girl like me? :p).


  1. Love

Can we skip this part? :p

Well, I have received a lot of wedding invitations last two years even from some friends I would not expect. There were some couples who have seen each other for 3 months before deciding to get married. There were some others who ended their long courtship in the wedding altar. And of course there are people like me, reluctantly come to friends’ wedding and ate too much out of frustration! It’s not envy. It’s loneliness that comes with every amicable split. She no longer hangs out after hours or calls me late at night. Life goes on. What can I say?


  1. Fun activities

I do well in this particular area! I tried wildwater rafting in Citatih River earlier this month. I watched Incubus on 5th. I went to Bangkok for the first time last week, second time for KL and S’pore. Went to Dufan last year (yeay!!!), went karaoke more often, tried out new restaurants and cafés regularly, did a lot of online shopping, swam more often (two kilo metres in one hour). I plan to go bungee jumping this year. I still don’t know how I can get there but it’s 50% motivation that counts! And my target next year is New Zealand. *so help me God* hehehehehe….


By the way, a tarot reader I consulted last year said that I would meet someone new this year. Let’s see if he was talking real deal, instead of s*its 😀

But other fortune teller suggested me to stay in touch with my ex because she was not sure I will meet someone better. So between the tarot reader and fortune teller, who is the real mystic? I’ll keep you posted 😉



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thea
    Mar 26, 2008 @ 18:00:47

    aku juga pengen ke New Zealand Fen:P


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