Bride’s maids

On 6th August 2006 my best friend, Antin got married in the age of 24. I’ve known her since the first day of college, back in 2000. Shared a great deal of similarities, we became best friends ever since. We were admitted to International Relations, Gadjah Mada University without the notoriously difficult national entrance test, so along with 8 other people we started matriculation test etc etc. We were like two lost children, being away from home for the first time. And I’m really glad we have grown together, since day one. Of course we had fights and arguments. Actually we had one major fight and didn’t talk to each other for a year. Nonetheless when we finally resolved those issues, we grew even stronger both as friends and individuals. It went all the way until our graduation day. My GPA is 3.82 and hers is 3.79. We would not have possibly achieved it if we had not competed and supported each other J And we’re still going strong despite the difference life has brought us. It includes job and now… status. She’s married, I’m (happily) single.

So last week I was there as she made me one of her bride’s maids. I shared her joy and tears. I didn’t steal her flower as the stories say that if you manage to steal flower from a wedding ceremony, especially those in the bride’s hair, then it will be easier for you to have your turn (to get married). I am afraid of fulfilling the prophecy that said I would get married in age 24 so I didn’t take anything from the wedding but the food ^_^ Yummy…you know me… Food is my passion for life hehehe…

We may be best friends but we don’t share all our thoughts and perspectives. Maybe because I haven’t met the right man of my life, I don’t have any dream nor goal to be married in the near future. Or maybe I’m too hard to please that no man shall meet my ideal picture of a prospective husband. I don’t want to know, at least now… Marriages are important. I’m certainly one of people who think that way. It kind of ease the burden a bit that I don’t have any single clue of who will be my bridegroom. I mean it’s a BIG stuff, to share your bed and everything with a person supposed to be your one and only, for the rest of your life.

The bottom line, I’m very happy that my best friend pulled it out. She married a guy that went to same elementary school and junior high. He’s been head over heels with her for more than ten years. Last year they met again and it just proved that true love is worth the wait (hmmm… good point…). Let’s quote love lines from her wedding invitation (I made them just for her):


            God set the most beautiful sky above when we met

            When we realized that this love is worth the wait

            And finding each other again is never too late

            God warms our journey like a noontime sun

            On this special day, we promise to share our ups and downs

            And with this vow, forever has now begun

Congrats to Antin and Reza! I wish all the happiness you so deserve… I am so happy for you. Someday I’ll have a wedding of my own. I want you to be there, even though you won’t be my bride’s maid (I’ll find some chubby girls to do it :D).


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