If love was coffee, what would you like to order?

Bittersweet of coffee (and love)

I once popped this silly question on my YM status and was surprised that some of my friends actually responded to it. After I listened and had some creative thoughts, I came up with potential hints of the way people see love solely based upon their answers.

Here are some of the answers.


  1. Milk coffee

Okay, this one is simple. It may raise some eyebrows as we are getting more and more accustomed to hearing foreign, sophisticated names such as frappucinno, espresso or stuffs like that. Yet I think people who pick milk coffee understand the sense of simplicity in love. They are laid back, humble, and not dragged to daydreaming of idyllic romance.

  1. Caramel macchiato

Aha! I know many of you would pick this (thanks to Starbucks). What would I say? Ummm…you are modern –that’s a easy to tell-, like to play in a game called love, often a social butterfly but loves to play hard to get. Definitely want someone equally sophisticated and comfortable with. Some clever advice from me : do consider people on the other line, people who you call nerds. They have interesting things to offer too J

  1. Green tea frappucinno

Here comes the hybrid of two fore-mentioned types. They love to call themselves ‘down to earth’, easy going, and girl/boy next door. However, they look certain qualities when it comes to hunting season. It’s so hard to explain what exactly they crave that they cannot tell. As a result, they may not find it easy to find someone who is right for them. Not surprisingly, they can get seriously hurt as much as –on the other side- break some hearts along the way.

  1. Chocolate Royal

Only one person chose this : the one and only Monika Nurul Pratiwi (what a great introduction Mon, you should thank me for this, hehehe…). Didn’t I say that the question was about coffee? Then why did you answer Chocolate Royal anyway? *scratching head*

Needless to say, she is one of a kind. She comes up with unique and original ideas while maintaining the hip image and following recent trends. In love, she is a real flirt. Refuses any kind of categorizing, she manages to have a relatively successful ‘officially unofficial relationship’. Two thumbs up!

  1. Milk

A genuinely good person, you don’t expect too much from your spouse. You’re supposed to be the most content lover, except for the fact that you can be too naïve and vulnerable. It’s okay to express the depth of your emotions as you have to learn that other people have varying standards and demand some complexity in order to start paying attention to you.


Of course that was just my interpretation of correlating things that seem to be completely irrelevant. Yet they may not be as irrelevant as we see them the first time. Coffee, as well as love, gives us good times and offer some relieve when the world outside is too much to bear. No wonder both can cause addiction! Little is good for your health but don’t overindulge which results in more and more cups (or love) needed. The least dangerous side effect is SD (Sleep Deprivation) which I’m sure every one of us has experienced J


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Wahyu Purnomosidhi
    May 27, 2008 @ 10:23:28

    Coffee O please


  2. fennychandra
    May 29, 2008 @ 18:01:53

    Coffee O : genuine, true to yourself, but often too caught up to own beliefs and principles. Try to be more open-minded lah 🙂 Well, Coffee O is my pick too!


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