Best Days

Just come back from the holiday. Got nothing to do (yet) at work, so I decide to rant and rave on this blog I’ve been abandoning for two months…

This time I rekindle my motivation to update my blog more often. Hahaha.. who knows? Maybe this year I will be very busy that my blog will officially enter hiatus mode! Until that time comes, I’ll try to keep writing.

For starters, let me begin with my stories of Bangkok, KL, and Singapore. Those 5 days were the best days of my life. Bangkok was grrrrrreaaaat! I am not exaggerating, believe me J We spent the night roaming the night market of Pratunam (thanks to Ci Enny for recommending Baiyoke Suite Hotel). A truly unique shopping spree, it offers clothes, pashmina, souvenirs, t-shirts, food at affordable price. I had a lot of fun there, bargaining and practicing my Thai 😛 Basic stuff like Sawasdee ka (Hello), Tao rai? (How much?), Lod dai mai? (Can I have a discount?), Kob Khun ka (Thank you), and Hong nam (Toilet). Unluckily, they took them as a hint that we were locals and they responded with long sentences in Thai 😀

We also visited some temples such as the one with Standing Buddha and Golden Mountain. Got no time to visit Wat Po and Grand Palace because they had a religious ceremony and open for tourists only after 1 PM. It’s okay though. I pledge myself, I will come back to visit those places. I’ll bring my family with me next time J I mean Mom, Dad, and Sis. Not family as it is of hubby and kids. Hehehehehehe…

In one temple, I released 3 birds in a cage (bought them for 100 baths). I wonder if they are still flying freely in Bangkok sky now. Hope they are fine… In some terms, they remind me of myself. Being in a cage (mine is invisible), longing for a lending hand to set us free and soar up high… I did myself a favor by releasing them. It gave me a new hope.

On the third day, I flew back to KL. Got very little time to drop our luggage in KL Plaza (an apartment we rented while we were in KL) and caught the bus to Singapore. Someone played know-it-all and directed us to the wrong terminal. We were so lucky that our tickets were finally given OK status after long argue. Next time I’ll take night train Senandung Malam as my previous trip with Monik. The bus was okay though. There was a personal TV for each seat, a luxury I refused by sleeping for half the trip. I had my period since the first day of our trip, the worst part of the journey. I was tired easily, had cramps around my abdomen, and had to change ‘diapers’ often. I even had nose bleeding in Singapore due to exhaustion.

Singapore was awesome. Period. What can I say? This city never stops mesmerizing me. I’d work in Singapore and play in Bangkok, if it was for me to choose J I also had a mind-boggling encounter there. I don’t know if it was for real or it was just me being vulnerable. Being a chatty person, people often assume that I mingle easily or I have no problem to connect with others. That is not true. I am not very comfortable meeting up new people. Thus, when I feel that comfort, it is difficult to let it go. But I am getting older. Naïvette doesn’t have a place, it’s swapped with complication. Yes it is sad to meet someone you can connect with, only to realize that you may not have the chance to know him/her a little better. Well at least that’s what I feel now. Feelings do change so I should not worry too much J  



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