♫ I believe the sun should never set upon an argument ♫

The beginning of the song is a fascinating line – genius Darren Hayes!. Although it is true that if there is no argument among us, human beings, the world maybe still (perceived as) flat. Argument is a double-edge sword, in one way it surely takes us forward. Science wouldn’t have evolved if arguments had not existed in the first place. However, arguments did lead us to two world wars. And any sane individual won’t pray for the third! I can say that I am a pacifist, an altruist wanna-be, and I am willing to compromise to avoid any argument whenever such situation arises.

♫ I believe we place our happiness in other people’s hands ♫

Of course it is so tempting to involve yourself in an argument when you see a victory smiles at you, when it takes just one smart speech to win it. And just to add the drama, you can deliver your brilliant ideas vigorously and it is indeed very sweet to see your opponent blushes with shame. In other words, your argument wins you a personal victory, at the expense of other. Sadly, sometimes all of us need to feed our egos and an argument seems to be a good way.

 I believe that the most attractive features are your heart and soul ♫

Even worse, we would take our argument in a silent mode and we plan carefully to make the best use of every situation (that also makes backstabbing and sabotage acceptable) to serve our interests or goals. Workplace is a perfect stage to –or not to- practice this move. My experience tells me a lot about this as I make the conscious call either to take part or to stay away from ‘the war zone’. But what if the damage is done? That is the interesting part and until today I must admit that I’m frustrated with some circumstances disadvantage me at times I cannot fight back (the truth is I choose not to strike back as my ethical standard and conscience do a great job). As a good friend of mine put it ‘it is always the best feeling when we go to bed every night knowing that we didn’t harm or hurt anybody that day’, I always get that satisfaction and relief for not failing my conscience.

♫ I believe in karma what you give is what you get return ♫

Yet as I get up in the morning and like many others, I have to prepare my self for long hours at work, sometimes (many times?) the pain is unbearable. Thinking that I would be put into test again and the appeal of ‘sweet revenge’ lures me… It is not an issue of intelligence or strategy as I can usually count on my sharp mind and sensitivity. It is not that difficult to play politics, with a clear purpose to maximize your leverage over others. It is a matter of heart. I don’t want to torture my heart at the same time I feed my ego. So what can I do? Nothing! I just restrain my feelings so that no one can see how I really feel deep inside. I just continue my desperate effort to be nice and to make others feel good about themselves, even if it means I have to take those teasings and mocking smile. Just bring it on! Feed your ego, make fun of me. I don’t bother, because what you give is what you get in return. J

♫ I believe that forgiveness is the key to your unhappiness ♫

Wise men say only fools rush in. Oops this is another song.. sorry ;-p Wise men say ‘to err is human but to forgive is divine’. I just want to comment (no offense, wise men!) because you’ve said so I feel it is completely normal for me to be vindictive sometimes (okay.. maybe more frequent than sometimes.. :D). Or maybe when I finally manage to forgive those who hurt me, I still find ways to forget the mistakes and damage that has been done to me. It is tough, man! For instance, I cannot forget the face of an old doctor that harassed me sexually six years ago. And I hope I can keep my health so that I don’t have to make a visit to a doctor, even further I hope I won’t marry to a doctor!!!! See? It is hell difficult to forgive others that have hurt you, tried to assassin your character, trampled down your dignity, crushed your confidence or prevented you to grow. And you know that they do those things on purpose because (I am not sure there are logical grounds lead their moves) you have potential and you maybe grow and learn better than them. To summarize, I am so sorry Darren, I think your notion that ‘forgiveness is the key to your unhappiness’ just don’t fit me. It is way too idealistic and I am doubtful that a human being can actually do that : FORGIVE.


Do I have to tell you that the song here is Savage Garden’s? Hello? The Australian duo famous in the late 90’s. They maybe breaking up but I personally think that Australians do a better job than Swedish. Come on…can you mention one musical figure from Sweden other than ABBA? Definitely Savage Garden rules!


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